Pierre Bonnard, Still Life with Guelder Roses, 1891, reworked 1929
August Sander, Dr. Kahn, c. 1938, printed 1990.
August Sander, Mrs. Oppenheim, c. 1938, printed 1990
Henri Matisse, Girl in Yellow and Blue with Guitar, 1939
Greta Perlman, Charm Bracelet (1941–1944)
Dor Guez, Letters from the Greater Maghreb, 2020. Suite of 12 Scanograms, archival inkjet prints



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roslyn bernstein

roslyn bernstein

An arts and culture journalist for Guernica, Huff Post, Tablet, etc, Roslyn Bernstein’s books include Engaging Art, Illegal Living, and Boardwalk Stories.